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YTPguy17's Smash Bros Lawl is a YouTube series based upon Chincherrinas's Smash Bros Lawl, adding in new characters and ideas.

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Like Lawl, YTPguy17's Smash Bros. Lawl is a fighing game. If you've played the Super Smash Bros. series, you know how it goes. It's basically SSBB, but with characters popular aroud the internet (especially YTP characters)



I'm happy to announce the badge system is now up and running! Play for points and try to get on our leaderboard!


How do you like the facelift? I think it captures the essence of Lawl quite nicely. I'll also be doing some other tasks, so bare with me!


So far the Empty Slot #3 has been really crap due to the numerous fake accounts invading it. However, it looks like it has settled down. But, not counting the Fake Accounts votes, it seems that the Secret Character and Wreck-It Ralph are in the lead.


It seems as though none of the users here know what grammar and syntax is. I'm going to spend the next few minutes cleaning up.

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