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The Annoying Orange is an American comedy web series created by 

former Minnesota film student and MTV production assistantDane Boedigheimer in 2009. It stars its creator as an anthropomorphic orange who annoys other fruits, vegetables, and various other objects by using insulting, rude, and sometimes crude-humored jokes.

Despite the show's negative critical reception, the show's popularity after its first episode led it to become the subject of a TV series, a video game, a range of toys, and a t-shirt line. Other accessories, such as costumes of the series characters, have also appeared on the market.

The show is centered on Orange (voiced by Dane Boedigheimer), who resides on a kitchen counter with other objects such as his best friend Pear, a Bartlett pear (also voiced by Boedigheimer). Other fruits include Passion, a (female) passionfruit played byJustine Ezarik, a grapefruit, a tiny apple known as Midget Apple (though he prefers the name Little Apple), a small marshmallow and an elderly lemon named Grandpa Lemon, all of whom were not main characters until later episodes. Most episodes consist of Orange heckling other characters until they meet a sudden and gruesome end, usually by evisceration with a chef's knife (although the implements used to cut them up range from a blender to a toy pinwheel). Usually, Orange tries to "warn" them before it happens, blurting out the weapon-in-use, such as "Knife!"[1]

Orange has several recurring mannerisms. He often begins an episode by repeatedly yelling "Hey, (name of character)!" until the character responds. Orange also often refers to the character as something that plays on the object's name or appearance (such as calling Grapefruit "Apefruit"). If he does not like an object, he will often say "You're an apple!", even if the object is not (e.g., a tomato). Orange uses various tactics, such as telling rude and offensive jokes, burping and making childish noises with his tongue, to get attention.

Despite what other fruits and objects think, Orange often cannot control his tendency to be "annoying", and rarely intentionally tries to spite others; he usually means well for most fruits and objects. In one episode of the web series, a "life coach", Mango, tells Orange that he uses his annoying nature to try to cope with the destruction of the fruits he tries to make friends with. Regardless of his seemingly anti-social behavior, Orange can almost always find comfort in the company of his friends, and can often make new ones.



Orange is the lead protagonist and main character, appearing in every episode since the series began on October 9, 2009. He has yellow teeth, grey eyes, and a braying laugh. He is known for his annoying puns which he uses in every episode, although hardly any of the fruits seem to find his puns amusing. His standard reply, uttered after being taken to task for being so annoying, is, "I'm not annoying, I'm an orange!"